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Athletic Management
August/September 2000, Vol. XII, No. 5

Locker Room Bulletin Board ...
Sports Medicine: The NATA issues long-researched guidelines on appropriate medical coverage ... New NCAA rule disallowing creatine distribution draws criticism ... Conference examines relationship between soccer headers and brain function ... New program targets upswing in teen steroid use.

Fund-Raising: California-Berkeley puts its annual fund-raising auction online with sweet results: a 100-percent increase in donations.

Q&A with ...
Earl Edwards, University of California, San Diego

Coaching column ...
Understanding Underachievers
How do you handle those athletes who don't have the confidence and competitiveness to climb to the top themselves? Here's a step-by-step guide to motivating them. By Keith Manos

Risk Management column ...
Seeing the Forest
Although cross country may seem like a risk-free sport, there can be a host of hazards behind every turn. A well-maintained course and structured supervision are key. By Richard P. Borkowski

Cover Story ... Friday Night Fans
Controlling unruly fan behavior during games takes a mix of education, communication, and quick action. It also takes the efforts of administrators, coaches, and parents.

Management ... Making Connections
Taking the time to build relationships with your student-athletes today will make your life easier tomorrow.

Progressive Programs ... The Newest Pioneers
When girls wish to play on boys' teams, many things can happen, ranging from unwelcoming teammates to lawsuits. In this article, those who have been there give their advice.

Hiring ... Now Starting at Coach
What's the best way to make sure a new coach becomes a good coach? A thorough (and enthusiastic) orientation program.


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