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Athletic Management
August/September 2001, Vol. XIII, No. 5

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Promotions: A new promotional idea has teams moving to unique venues for a one-time, fun-filled event.
On Campus: Three Pac-10 schools join the Collegiate Athletes Coalition, a national players' organization rallying for NCAA rule changes.

Q&A with
Paul Hoseth
Athletic Director, Pacific Lutheran University.

Risk Management column
Hurt on Contact
When a female athlete gets injured competing against boys, is the school liable for damages? Here's how to ward off these most recent lawsuits. By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski.

Management column
Spreading the Word
If the educational side of athletics is part of your vision, consider making it well known to all those around you--including your critics. By Dr. Michael Vienna.

Cover Story
Much Ado About Mascots
Although a volatile issue, retiring American Indian mascots has become an increasingly important trend. Here's a look at how to make the process educational, positive, and rewarding.

Parent Talk
When it comes to dealing with today's parents, athletic directors must coach their coaches on how to foster positive relationships with this vocal group.

Progressive Programs
Winning By Retreating
Every year in June, Notre Dame coaches and administrators take a two-day time out to participate in Career Days, a staff development retreat and great morale builder.

Signs of the Times
News about your athletes' achievements doesn't happen by word of mouth anymore. You need a marketing plans that is strategic and energetic.

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