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Athletic Management
August/September 2003 Vol. XV, No. 5

Warm Up
High School News: Home school court case in Maine maintains status quo.
Title IX: Bush announces decision ... New cases on the docket
Progressive Programs: Lexington (N.C.) High School awards coaches who are role models calls it quits.
Fund-Raising:N.C. State raises money through Wolfpack monument.

Q&A with
Dave Blank
Drake University


Risk Management
Hall of Shame
It's better to learn from someone else's mistakes than your own. The following risk management incidents fall into this author's "Hall of Shame." By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski

Sailing Into Monday
Want to make Monday a day you look forward to? Take some advice from an entrepreneur, who provides a list of eight ways to improve your daily efforts. By Steven Austin Stovall

Cover Story
Starting a Drive
From coast to coast, athletic departments are beginning the school year with tighter budgets. In response, athletic directors are coming up with new ideas to make ends meet.

Progressive Programs
Beyond Coaching Clinics
Want a better coaching staff? The first step is knowing how to educate them -- beyond the Xs and Os.

Academic Support
Road Scholars
With stricter academic standards entering the NCAA rulebook, today's student-athletes need more help than ever in conquering their homework while on the road.

Good Deal
Whether it involves coaching contracts or scheduling conflicts, knowing how to negotiate is key to an athletic director's success. This article presents a new approach to deal-making that focuses on long-term results.

New Technology
In a Flash
When lightning is nearby, athletic practices and games need to be cancelled, quickly. At the University of Florida, staff members have recently implemented a new system for knowing where the next flash will strike.

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