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Athletic Management
October/November 2003 Vol. XV, No. 5

Warm Up
On Campus: NCAA study looks at large-school spending

Sports Medicine: New research on concussions

Progressive Programs: An idea for honoring teachers

Fund Raising: Portland, Maine, schools plan all-sports-and-only-sports yearbooks

Progressive Programs: California court sets liability bar

North Texas volunteers promote season tickets

New Directions: Vanderbilt eliminates athletic department but not athletics

High School Sports:
The NFHS is adapting NCAA rules designed to promote execessive and rapid weight loss among wrestlers

Ticket Sales: Kansas season-ticket holders sue over a requirement to contribute more toward scholarships

Q&A with
Julie Treadwell
Maine Central Institute

Game Plans
Title IX: With new clarity on the enforcement of Title IX in place, now is the time to polish up on the details.

Coaching: It's asking a lot to instantly turn a mediocre coach into a star. But developing four key skills can help him or her take a huge step up.

Cover Story
Acing the Test
More and more high schools are considering drug-testing their student-athletes. Here are the questions to ponder before you enter the field.

Going Downtown
How much money does your athletic program add to the local economy? By Dr. Michael Vienna

Tough Calls
Communicating with coaches can be a complex endeavor. Sometimes you need to be firm, sometimes easygoing. Sometimes you need to offer help, sometimes you need to stand back. A thoughtful veteran offers advice on making these tough calls. By Dr. David Hoch

Promotions & Publicity
A Day in the Life
Today's fans, recruits (and parents!) want to know what it's like to be a student-athlete at your school. Online student-athlete diaries are a fun way to fill that need.

Facilities of Innovation
Cooperative Construction
When a new facility is badly needed but financially out of reach, teaming up with others can be a great solution.

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