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Coaching Management
Basketball Edition
Postseason 2004, Vol. XII, No. 3

Locker Room Bulletin Board
The NCAA considers banning preseason exhibition games ... Akron-area coaches take St. Vincent-St. Mary off their schedules ... How to get CSTV inside your gymnasium ... Metro State survives a shut-down scare ... Teaching parents the realities of college scholarships.

At Trinity University, Pat Cuningham Pat Cunningham has led his Division III team to a 76-28 record, two SCAC titles, and two NCAA tournament appearances.

Cover Story
Looking for the Assist
When it comes to hiring assistant coaches, the best candidates are sometimes those off your radar screen. In this article, head coaches talk about hiring assistants with untraditional backgrounds--and the rewards they've reaped.

Sport Safety
Safe Landings
Diving out of bounds is just one of the risk areas to be aware of in the game of basketball. But you can make your program and your players safer by following this risk management plan.

Optimum Performance
On the go
Today's players need to be both quick and fast, to have "game speed." Here's how to combine speed and agility training into one comprehensive program.

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