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Coaching Management
Football Edition
Preseason 2004, Vol. XII, No. 4

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Putting a team back together after hazing ... Selected minority coaches attend a new seminar ... Taking time to honor those who help... Fantasy campers take the Notre Dame field ... Indiana's Gerry DiNardo keeps a promise to visit every football-playing high school in the state.

When Robert Morris university needed a coach to start its football program, the school looked to a retiree with no collegiate experience. Ten years later, former New York Jets coach Joe Walton has guided the Colonials through 100 games, five conference championships, and a pair of national titles.

Cover Story
Ready for More
The decisions made while players are recuperating between the first and second half can determine the final outcome. That's why a halftime plan should be part of your game plan.

Injury Prevention
Concussion Discussion
Thanks to high-tech helmet sensors and old-fashioned research, doctors know more about concussions than ever. But much of what they have learned differs from what they previously believed. Here's what you should know to help keep your players as safe as possible.

Strength Training
The Right Moves
Training players to be fast isn't enough. They must also be trained to be agile. By simultaneously working coordination and strength, you can help players be quickest where it counts--on the field.

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