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Coaching Management
Basketball Edition
Preseason 2004, Vol. XII, No. 6

Locker Room Bulletin Board
The NCAA introduces a new academic progress rate for Division I schools... Pleasant Valley High coach uses "words of the day" to teach character ... Colors of jerseys top high school rule changes ... Lane tinkering continues in college play ... Alma college women break free throw record ... Eisenhower High players honor teachers with shirt swapping ceremony.

At Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta, Coach Floyd Mack stresses fundamentals and discipline. Last year's squad won the Class AAAA state championship.

Cover Story
Sixth Man
As fan misbehavior continues to rise, proactive teams are figuring out how to create an atmosphere that encourages good sportsmanship in the stands.

Owner's Circle
At Marquette University, Head Coach Tom Crean teaches his players to take ownership o the team--both on the court and off.

Nutrition and Performance
An ACL Defense
The low-carb diet fad has some truth in it, but it's not for competitive athletes. Our nutrition expert serves up the skinny on carbohydrates and performance.

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