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Coaching Management
Baseball Edition
Postseason 2004, Vol. XII, No. 7

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Will the North-South divide be closed or widened?... A formal unsportsmanlike-conduct warning system ... A wood bat renaissance?... ... Fundraising by position ... Not one, but two Major League dads ... New guidelines for building and maintaining warning tracks.

Peter Ambrose pays attention to the student, and the athletes take care of themselves.

Cover Story
Arms Control
Pitch counts help coaches avoid overworking their hurlers, but there's more to keeping them healthy than numbers on a chart.

Dugout Raising
Can't afford the facility your program needs? The solution may be community collaboration to turn your field of dreams into reality.

Off the Field
Good Connections
No matter your communications system, your athletic director is a person you want to hook up with. Here's how.

Hammer Strength Player of the Year
Andy Goff, Mt. Lebanon High School

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