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Coaching Management
Track & Field Edition
Preseason Edition 2005, Vol. XIII, No. 1

Locker Room Bulletin Board
NCAA, USOC search for solutions to program cuts... Drawing young athletes to track and field ... Cross-state run benefits Florida hurricane victims ... Sector size, event limits top list of NFHS changes ... NCAA moving to unisex steeplechase pits ... New book has advice for female coaches

The Ann Arbor Pioneer High School girls' track team has finished first in its region 24 out of the past 25 years. Bryan Westfield has been at the helm for all of those 25 years.

Cover Story
Building Momentum
Want to make your track and field program the talk of the town? Host a first-class home meet -- in which fans, athletes and officials are all focused on the right thing at the right time.

Optimum Performance
The Mental Edge
How can you get your athletes to give maximum effort in every aspect of practice and competition? Consider the following mental (and life) skills program.

Carbs: To Cut or Not?
That is the question many athletes are wondering these days as everyone and their best friend seem to be losing weight on low-carb diets.

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