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Coaching Management
Baseball Edition
Preseason 2004, Vol. XII, No. 2

Locker Room Bulletin Board
A Web site promotes the game at small historically black colleges ... Fall ball for middle schoolers ... Dose of scholarship reality for Michigan parents ... NCAA academic reforms alarm some college coaches ... Better to play by stats than by 'the book.'

Baseball is the highest-profile sport at Cal State-Fullerton, which is in a sports-rich metropolitan area. That's both a benefit and a burden, says Head Coach George Horton.

Cover Story
Before the Score
The best coaches not only know how to teach the little things that win baseball games, but how to get their players to think about them.

Your Program
Reducing the Risks
An athletics risk-reduction expert shows how to protect your players and your program by making injury prevention a regular part of your coaching.

Optimum Performance
Power to Play
Are your players building strength the right way? Do you want to start a baseball strength program? A leader in sport-specific training outlines the basics and a sample program for your athletes.

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