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Coaching Management
Softball Edition
Annual Edition 2003, Vol. X, No. 7

Locker Room Bulletin Board ...
NCAA Softball Rules Committee to send out coaches survey ... New courses are offered by the NFCA ... Study reveals a drop in female coaches ... NFHS encourages states to try out designated player rule ... A look at Alabama's new softball facility ... NCAA bracket expansion moves forward.

Central College's George Wares talks about team building, maintaining success, and recruiting in Division III.

Cover Story
Girls of Summer
Club softball has become a mainstay of summer and a major pipeline for collegiate players. But has it grown too big and made softball less accessible?

At The Plate
Slugging A Slump
What do you do when your best hitter is mired in a mid-season slump? You need to, first, figure out is she is reall slumping, then help her both physically and mentally to break the 0-for-many habit.

Optimum Performance
A Strong Play
Every coach wants strong players who can make strong players, but haphazard workouts can leave your athletes working hard while accomplishing little. Here are some tips on how to develop an effective strength-training program.

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