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Coaching Management
Softball Edition
Annual Edition 2004, Vol. XI, No. 7

Locker Room Bulletin Board ...
New club tournament in California attracts 56 teams ... Softball community hails Title IX announcement ... Buffalo honors Nan Harvey ... CSTV airs college softball ... Preseason to shrink in Indiana ... NCAA adopts new ASA bat standards.... NFHS adds rule for designated player.

Eleven years ago, Jane Worthington was asked to start a Division I team with a couple scholarships. Today, Eastern Kentucky is a perennial Ohio Valley Conference favorite.

Cover Story
Catcher's Call
If your athlete behind the plate is more of a translator of signals than a leader on the field, it may be time to rethink your strategies. This article explains the why and how of teaching your catchers to call the day's pitches.

Your Career
Goal Climbing
In the coaching profession, continual growth and achievement depends on setting goals. A veteran coach outlines steps for success.

Competitive Edge
Stop, Focus, Breathe
Most batters take a deep breath before stepping to the plate. But are they breathing properly? How can proper breathing technique enhance their performance?

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