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Coaching Management
Softball Edition
Annual Edition 2002, Vol. IX, No. 7

Locker Room Bulletin Board ...
High schools and colleges fully implement new bat standards ... Hazen High's Molly O'Brien reports on the NFHS Leadership Conference ... WCWS viewership increases on ESPN ... Division I recruiting calendar gets the thumbs up ... New study finds schools lax in their online coverage. NCAA proposes using ASA bat standards beginning in 2002 ... High school rules changes are announced ... U.S.Navy honors members of the Scholastic All-America Teams for softball.

Q&A ...
Karen Mullins, who led Big East power University of Connecticut to an exciting, comeback season this year.

Cover Story ... One More Pitch
The key to curtailing overuse injuries is stopping them before they start. And to stop them, pitchers need preseason training, good mechanics, and an educated coaching staff.

Media Relations ... Primed for the Press
Advertisers spend big bucks to get their messages in front of the public. If you know how to deal correctly with the media, you can do it for nothing.

Conditioning ... Pumped Up Nutrition
To counter all the marketing images they're bombarded with, female athletes sometimes need more than straightforward nutrition education. They need to know that big, strong bodies are their best bet for being successful athletes.

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