Coach's Guidelines for Pre-Season Parents' Meetings

Adapted from Loch Raven (Md.) High School Athletic Department

All coaches are required to distribute copies of and address the following:

___Team rules

___Criteria for selecting the squad

___Criteria for earning a letter

___Sportsmanship expectations for athletes and fans

___Have parents sign and return the Athletic Policy Form, which indicates that they have received a copy and have read the various policies. These forms should be put in alphabetical order and sent to the athletic director to be kept on file.

Other topics which you may want to address:

___Academic requirements for eligibility

___Your coaching philosophy

___Your team's style of play

___How practice sessions are conducted, including:

___An athlete's expectation for attending practice sessions, including Saturday sessions and over holiday periods

___The responsibility for issued uniforms and equipment

___Determinants for an athlete to start and playing time

___Academic requirements for eligibility

___Procedures for reporting and attending to injuries

___How and when to contact you (the coach) with a concern or question

___Commonly misunderstood or new rules of your sport

___The risks (injury or death) involved in playing your sport

___Answer any questions

Helpful hints: