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Training & Conditioning
September 2000 Vol. X, No. 6

Nutrition ... Refueling for Recovery
What athletes eat and drink following practice and competition is as vital as fueling before or during an event. By Leslie Bonci

Optimum Performance ... Team Training
When it comes to conditioning teams, the best approach is to divide and conquer.
By Vern Gambetta

Treating the Athlete ... The Root of Pain
The latest theories on nerve damage redefine the causes of pain-and stress the importance of an active rehab program. By Adriaan Louw

Management ... Taking Care of the New Kids
You work hard to provide coverage to your department. How do you keep up as the department brings in new sports? By Dennis Read

Hands-0n Therapy ... Easing Tensions
Here's how to put athletes at ease who may be apprehensive about receiving massage. By Lorraine Berry

Comeback Athlete Award ... College Male Winner

Competitive Edge ... The Angle on Agility
Agility practically defines ability in many sports. Here's an expert look at what it truly means and how to develop it in your athletes.
By Steven Scott Plisk


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