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Training & Conditioning
October 2000 Vol. X, No. 7

Optimum Performance ... Leading the Pack
Endurance athletes can benefit from a variety of new and old training techniques. Here's how to combine the best of both to get your athletes out in front.
By Vern Gambetta

Treating the Athlete ... When the Breathing Gets Tough
Why are some athletes having so much trouble keeping up, no matter how hard they train?
By Shelly Wilson, with Christopher Randolph, MD

Management ... Athletes and Alcohol
Athletic trainers can play a key role in new alcohol abuse prevention programs being developed across high school and college campuses.
By Sue Rochman

Student Corner ... Becoming a Leader
Leaders are needed at every level and in every venue. Here's how to become one
By Aaron Hajart

Above the Call Award ... Back To School
Gary Borges, ATC/L, CSCS, Head Athletic Trainer at Tenafly (N.J.) High School, is this month's honoree.
By Jim Catalano

Competitive Edge ... Away-Court Advantage
It can be tough to fit in training while traveling. But athletes who can turn anonymous hotel rooms into high-tech gyms have a tremendous advantage over their competitors.
By Barrett Bugg and Tim McClellan

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