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Training & Conditioning
December 2000 Vol. X, No. 9

Optimum Performance ... Back Out Again?
The iliopsoas is at the heart of the body's core--which is exactly where many back problems can be traced to. A simple exercise and stretching program can help keep your athletes in the game.
By Gary Gray, Robert Dowling, and Vern Gambetta

Nutrition ... A Handful of Choices
As athletes continue to look for the latest, greatest miracle supplement, it's important to stay on top of what's out there.
By Leslie Bonci

Competitive Edge ... Wow!
They sure dazzle, but are extreme sports really sports? Definitely. And their popularity is exploding. So, how do you train these athletes?
By Scott Higgins

Treating the Athlete ... Those Devlish Cramps
As common as cramps are, no one knows exactly what causes them. Here's a look at the latest theories, and the latest cures
By Richard "Biff" Williams

Management ... The Parent Problem
Dealing with student-athletes' parents can be tricky. But just a little work on your part can go a long way to making the relationship work.
By Dennis Read

Student Corner ... Making the Transition
Here's how to make the move to a new job smooth.
By Thomas Bignall

Above the Call Award ... Julie Max
Honoring the NATA's new president.
By Shelly Wilson

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