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Training & Conditioning
May/June 2001 Vol. XI, No. 4

What Makes a Leader?
An effective leader can maxmize the potential of any athletic training program. Here's how to get the most out of your staff while maintaining optimal relations with coaches, administrators, and students.
By Shelly Wilson

Optimum Performance
Getting Gait Right
Improving running mechanics is the single best thing athletes can do to improve their game in almost every sport played on land.
By Vern Gambetta

Treating the Athlete
Reining in the Pain
Persistant pain poses a challenge for both athlete and athletic trainer. But by following an organized approach, you can get the athlete back in the game pain-free.
By Craig Denegar

Positive Images
To counter all the marketing images they're bombarded with, female athletes sometimes need more than straightforward nutrition education. They need to know that big, strong bodies are their best bet for being successful athletes.
By Leslie Bonci

Competitive Edge
The Power of Agility
Maximize agility training by combining weight training and functional training drills in one super-set.
By Chip Sigmon

Above the Call Award
Helping Everyone Out
From athletic training to research and Web projects, Michael Goldenberg is making his mark.
By Jim Catalano

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