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Training & Conditioning
July/August 2001 Vol. XI, No. 5

Treating the Athlete
Treating Inversion with Submersion
A program of aquatic exercises can be an effective rehabilitation tool for treating a common sports injury, the inversion ankle sprain.
By Andrew Spence

Special Focus
Preseason Prep
A preseason camp is a great way to get student athletic trainers back in the swing before things really get swinging
By Suanne Maurer

Optimum Performance
Functional Flexibility
Here's a program to give your athletes the flexibility they need to make the big moves.
By Jason Soncrant and Vern Gambetta

Rx for Staff Health
How do you manage staff members coming to you for healthcare advice? Top athletic trainers offer some tips
By Jim Catalano

Competitive Edge
One on One
Getting the most out of your athletes requires understanding not only the mechanics of the sport but also that of each athlete.
By Joe Williams

Above the Call Award
A Tireless Trainer
Stephanie Smith takes the holistic approach with her athletes--and her profession.
By Jim Catalano

Bulletin Board
A round-up of the latest athletic training news.

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