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Training & Conditioning
October 2001 Vol. XI, No. 7

Unreasonable Expectations
Athletic trainers need to know when administrators ask the impossible and how to negotiate with ADs when this situation occurs.
By Shelly Wilson

Special Focus
Massage To Go
Athletes can effectively treat themselves and their teammates with event sports massage techniques.
By Ralph Stephens

Optimum Performance
High-Performance Hiring
A strength and conditioning coach will impact as aspects of your sports program. Learn how to find the right person for the job.
By Vern Gambetta.

Treating the Athlete
Gauging Groin Pain
Groin pain is a simple symptom that can be caused by numerous injuries and conditions. Here are ways to diagnose and treat it.
By Jodie Humphrey

Competitive Edge
Sliding Through
The simple slideboard is a useful too for preseason lateral conditioning.
By Mike Boyle

Comeback Athlete
Internal Motivation
Guided by his surgeon, coach, and athletic trainer, Mark Comolli took charge and came back from a torn ulnar collateral ligament.
By Dennis Read

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