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Training & Conditioning
November 2001 Vol. XI, No. 8

Special Focus
Estrogen & ACLs
Is there a link between hormone levels and predisposition to ACL injuries in female athletes? Three new studies are heating up the debate.
By Guillermo Metz

Optimum Performance
The Daily Special
Attention to detail in daily training sessions spells success for your long-term conditioning program.
By Vern Gambetta.

Scoring Your Staff
Improving your evaluation process will ultimately improve the quality of your staff and the care if provides.
By Mike Goforth

Gut Reactions
Gastrointestinal ailments can sideline any athlete. Fortunately, there are nutritional strategies that ease suffering and get your athletes back in the game.
By Leslie Bonci

Competitive Edge
Pumping for Jumping
If you want your jumpers to spend more time in the air, focus your training on the time they spend on the ground.
By Rory Beil

Above the Call Award
Life-Saving Experience
George Curtis' dedication and experience saved a fellow faculty member's life and invigorated the athletic training program at BYU.
By Jim Catalano

Student Corner
That's a Good Question
Not all questions are created equal. Understanding how to ask good questions will improve your learning experience.
By Tim Laurent

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