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Training & Conditioning
December 2001 Vol. XI, No. 9

Special Focus
CSCC Weighs In
For the second time in 25 years, a group of strength coaches has created a new organization to represent them. Find out how the CSCC differs from the larger, established NCSA.
By Dennis Read

Injury Prevention
The Fight Over Sight
Is mandatory eye protection in the best interest of your athletes and your athletic program? The debate is far from over.
By David Hill.

Optimum Performance
The Digital Difference
Today's low-cost, easy-to-use digital video cameras can make a blockbuster out of your training program
By Vern Gambetta

Fueling With Fast Food
It's time to face reality: Most athletes eat fast food and they eat it often. Learn how to sidestep excessive fat and sodium when ordering at fast-food restaurants.
By Leslie Bonci

Competitive Edge
Applying Plyos
Plyometric exercises can safely build an athlete's power. Here's how it's done.
By Brian Roberts

Comeback Athlete Award
Storming Back
Mississippi's Jessica "Stormy" Hamilton refused to give up her college career, even after two serious injuries.
By David Hill

Bulletin Boards
A roundup of the latest news in athletic training

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