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Training & Conditioning
April 2002 Vol. XII, No. 3

Winning the Weight War
Successful off-season weight control involves setting reasonable goals and than adapting your eating habits and exercise plans
By Leslie Bonci

Optimum Performance
Weak Links
Screening an athlete's movement patterns for weak links can boost your rehab and training efforts
By Gray Cook

Special Focus
High Anxiety
For more athletic trainers, stress comes with the job. But there are effective methods for keeping that inevitable anxiety at bay.
By Guillermo Metz

Treating the Athlete
The ABCs of PFD
The key to treating this painful disorder is understanding the biomechanical relationship between the athlete's hip, knee, and foot.
By Daniel Cipriani and Jennifer Griest

Competitive Edge
Combine Crunch
When you train athletes for the NFL Combine, the focus must be on making the best impression for the pro scouts.
By Warren Anderson and Tim McClellan

Comeback Athlete Award
Twice Motivated
During her rehab from two successive ACL tears, Katie Scherle found the motivation to not only recover, but become a better athlete.
By Shelly Wilson

Student Corner
Intrinsic Education
Linking today's course content with tomorrow's job skills adds value to the educational experience.
By Daniel Sedory

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