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Training & Conditioning
October 2002 Vol. XII, No. 7

A Decisive Model
As an athletic trainer, you make countless decisions every day that affect your athletes. Ever think about how you make those decisions, and if there might be a better way?
By Dr. Tim Laurent

Optimum Performance
Sugar & Spice?
Strength training for females should not differ from strength training for males, except possibly in the psychology of it.
By Vern Gambetta

Treating the Athlete
The Massage Message
The word is spreading that massage should be part of every athletic training room's offerings. But how do you successfully introduce it to your staff?
By Dr. Debra Brooks

Special Focus
Checking Pain Options
In the constant quest to get athletes back on the court, field, or rink more quickly after a punishing hit, a new player has entered the arena. Called infrared light therapy, several teams are experimenting with this new treatment option.
By David Hill

Competitive Edge
In The Swing
From the core to the wrists, here's a look at the strength and conditioning program used by the University of Tennessee's men's tennis program.
By Shawn McGhee and Johnny Long

Comeback Athlete
A Leg To Kick On
A gruesome injury turns into a tale of recovery for Wabash College placekicker Todd Bower.
By Dennis Read

Student Corner
Building Respect
Working with coaches is an art that can't be learned from a book. But there are suggested ways to establish good working relationships.
By Joe Schwartz

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