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Training & Conditioning
April 2003 Vol. XIII, No. 3

Questioning Candidates
Interviewing candidates for assistant athletic trainer positions takes strategic planning, organization, and great listening skills. But doing it the right way will ensure you hire the best person for the job.
By Laura Smith

Optimum Performance
On Their Own
With an increased emphasis in college athletics on providing athletes with more downtime, strength and conditioning coaches need to structure nonmandatory workouts with great care.
By David Hill

Treating the Athlete
Facing the Unknown
No matter how many athletes you've treated, chances are you'll encounter a handful of rehab situations in your career that have you drawing a blank.
By Maria Hutsick

Competitive Edge
On the Line
At North Carolina State University, offensive and defensive linemen are trained from the core to the hands.
By Todd Stroud

Let 'Em Eat Lettuce
Athletes who choose a vegetarian diet can be healthful and successful. But they may need some help in making sure their greens, beans, nuts, and grains are nutritionally balanced.
By Leslie Bonci

Comeback Athlete
Double Trouble
One ill-fated landing + two knee surgeries + one determined athlete. This is Ashley Hughes' story.
By Jim Catalano

Bulletin Board
Click here for articles on on Ephedra, Jamie Carey's comeback, HIPPA, and other news.

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