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Training & Conditioning
September 2003 Vol. XIII, No. 6

The Protein Push.
From the hottest movie star to your next door neighbor, everyone seems to be losing weight on low-carb diets. But will they work for athletes?
By Laura Smith

Optimum Performance
Exploding with Bands
Many strength coaches have been adding bands and chains to their lifting protocols to help improve their athletes' rate of force development. This author explains the why and the how.
By Bryan Dermody

Treating the Athlete
A Growing List
As preparticipation physical exams grow in length and scope, athletic trainers are searching for new ways to fine tune the process.
By Laura Smith

New Technology
Storm Warning
Detecting lightning before it reaches your athletic field is a must for sport safety. At the University of Florida, staff members have recently implemented a new system for knowing where and when the next flash may strike.
By Dr. Melvin Dace

Competitive Edge
A Strong Hold
Lehigh University uses a five-phase program to get its wrestlers ready for national competition.
By Pat Santoro & Tom Koch

ATC Award
The Accidental ATC
A former wrestling coach heeds the call to athletic training.

Student Corner
Treating the Cause
Just easing symptoms won't get athletes back in the game. Find the root cause of injuries, and correct them.

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