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Training & Conditioning
July/August 2004 Vol. XIV, No. 5

Special Focus
In the Shadows
It's rarely discussed and just starting to be researched, but body-image disorders among male athletes is a real--and growing--problem.
By R.J. Anderson

Injury Prevention
When a Heart Stops
Although it is rare, sudden cardiac death is a reality in the sports world. Here are the latest ideas on how to reduce heart-related deaths from both traumatic and nontraumatic causes.
By Dennis Read

Optimum Performance
Searching for Symmetry
Athletes at all levels are prone to developing muscle imbalances. Make sure your strength training program is addressing this problem, rather than contributing to it.
By David Pollitt

Treating the Athlete
Soft Feet, Strong Legs
Want an easy way to help treat lower extremity injuries in your athletes? Orthotics are the answer, although it's not clear whether they control mechanics or alter neuromuscular activation patterns.
By Dr. Jay Hertel and Dr. Lauren Olmstead

Above the Call Award
Back for More
Bubba Tyer un-retires to rejoin the Redskins.
By Kenny Berkowitz

Student Corner
The Master's Step
How to choose a graduate program that best suits your needs.
By Dr. Debbie Bradney and Dr. Tim Laurent

Competitive Edge
Down the Middle
Utilize your football athletes' warmup time more effectively with these partner core stretches.
By David Pollitt

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