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Training & Conditioning
September 2004 Vol. XIV, No. 6

Treating the Athlete
More Than A Fad
Pilates has taken the fitness world by storm, but it may also have a place in the athletic training room. This article explains how Pilates techniques can be implemented into a traditional rehab program.
By Christine Romani-Ruby

Optimum Performance
High School Moves
By now, coaches understand that agility is an important component of athletic achievement in most sports. But how do you begin to train agility at the high school level?
By Vern Gambetta

Fun with Food Coloring
A look at some of the newest ideas in educating your athletes about sports nutrition (including color-coding their food choices).
By Greg Scholand

Delegate, Congregate, Educate
These three activities should constitute your fall gameplan for a sound staff development strategy.
By Guillermo Metz

Comeback Athlete Award
Swelling Quads
An overstrenuous workout leads to bilateral compartment syndrome.
By R.J. Anderson

Nutrition Roundup
ISPN conference
Reports on post-exercise protein, supplements and nitrous oxide synthesis, and caffeine and metabolic rate.
By Christopher Mohr

Competitive Edge
Sticks and Weights
Short but intense workouts have helped Wake Forest win the past two NCAA Division I field hockey titles.
By Mike Tolloti

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