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Training & Conditioning
December 2004 Vol. XIV, No. 9

Optimum Performance
Team Effort...
Sometimes, the toughest part of a strength coach's job is getting on the same page as the sport coach. At Tennessee, this author has found solutions through sharing goals and communicating constantly.
By Heather Mason

Lifting Your Salary
Getting a pay raise takes more than just thinking you deserve one. Here is how to prepare for, approach, and enter into a salary negotiation.
By David Hill

A Tomato a Day?
What strategies keep the doctor away, help athletes lose weight, and keep dehydration at bay? A report from the recent SCAN conference provides some new answers.
By Christopher Mohr

Treating the Athlete
Changing Times
In the past, pregnant athletes were expected to stop competing and postpartum athlees were expected to stay at home. But times have changed, and sports medicine staffs have found new ways to help their athletes who are expecting.
By Laura Smith

Above the Call Award
Hometown Hero
Wearing many hats fails to slow Mo Sizemore.
By Kenny Berkowitz

Competitive Edge
A Consistent Path
A well-planned strength and conditioning program has helped the Ithaca College baseball team be a perennial winner in the NCAA Division III ranks.
By Dr. Kent Scriber and Chris Hummel

Bulletin Board
Medicare Ruling...
heat illness ... Vioxx ... Athletes' Diets ...

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