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Training & Conditioning
September 2005 Vol. XV, No. 6

Running on Empty
A new study has found that only one out of four athletes eat enough calories to fuel their workouts and competitions. Here's an in-depth look at the problem and possible solutions.
By Dr. Pamela Hinton

Questions ... and Answers
Want to know how veterans in athletic training tackle their jobs, their bosses, and their lives? Your questions, and their answers, are all here.
By Dennis Read

Optimum Performance
Ready to Lift?
In order for athletes to get the most out of their strength training, their muscles need to be prepared beforehand. One way to do that is through a new technique called movement prep.
By Gray Cook and Aaron Taylor

Treating the Athlete
Point of No Return
When an athlete suffers a career-ending injury, the rehab process takes on a different meaning. At Cal State Fullerton, a team approach guides athletes both physically and psychologically.
By Laura Smith

Sport Specific
Before the Puck Drops
At Boston University, preseason training for ice hockey includes a mix of on-ice and off-ice work, with a focus on conditioning.
By Michael Boyle

Pat Lamboni
Salisbury University

Bulletin Board
Steroid testing ... new wrestling rules ... caffeine and carbs

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