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Training & Conditioning
March 2006 Vol. XVI, No. 2

Treating the Athlete
When MRSA Strikes
The question is not if, but when MRSA will show up in your athletic department. This author recounts his school's experience in stopping the infection's spread.
By Chuck Kimmel

Optimum Performance
Perfect Posture
There is a trend today to identify postural imbalances in athletes. Such an assessment is only effective, however, if it is done in a dynamic environment.
By Vern Gambetta
... Another view on the topic

Special Focus
Following Their Hearts
Should athletic departments test their athletes for potentially fatal heart conditions? As medical experts debate the issue, some schools are beginning their own screening programs.
By David Hill

Wrestling with Regulations
Next season, high school wrestlers join their college counterparts in having to follow minimum weight guidelines. In most states, athletic trainers are being asked to help implement the changes.
By Abigail Funk

Sport Specific
Who Rules the Pool
When it comes to water polo, the UCLA women do, thanks in part to an aggressive strength training program.
By Kerri Barrett Husbands

Q&A With...
Wendy Svoboda

Tulane University

Bulletin Board
New Jersey to test athletes for steroids ... Standards for soccer headgear released ... New survey helps predict eating disordersctures ...

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