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Coaching Management
Track and Field Edition
Postseason 2004, Vol. XII, No. 8

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Regionals medical waiver procedure trips up NCAA Division I teams ... Indiana examines status of special education student ... Study finds anemia testing deficient in college athletes ... Another look at pole vault numbers ... High-tech testing yields an array of benefits at one high school

Western Athletic Conference Coach of the Year Mike Maynard discusses the keys to putting Boise State University on the national radar: setting audacious goals, managing time, and building relationships.

Cover Story
Hurdling Title IX
Title IX has been both a positive and a negative for the track and field world. We take an in-depth look at the ups and downs of this important law for both high school and college programs.

Sports Medicine
In the Shadows
They're rarely discussed and just starting to be researched, but body-image disorders among male athletes are real--and they're a growing problem.

Professional Growth
Good Connections
No matter your communications system, your athletic director is a person you want to hook up with. Here's how to partner with this busy, behind-the-scenes boss.

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